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Aged Care Scam Alert!!!

There has been an incident that was reported by My Aged Care on the 15th of October, 2020. It was released that someone had reached out to a participant located in Western Australia. The alleged caller strived to obtain financial information, as well as receive $25 from the scam victim. They were advising the participant to provide the $25, along with bank details. They communicated that they were from My Aged Care, and ensured them that this was the registration process.

It is highly encouraged that this unfortunate event is made aware to all providers and participants. My Aged Care do not operate this way for the registration process. There is no financial costs when registering for My Aged Care.

If a participant, or someone you may know has suffered from a scam call, please contact and submit a complaint to My Aged Care.


Aged Care Online Claims

On Friday the 20th of November 2020, Services Australia will be closing access to both Aged Care Online Claiming and Aged Care Online Services. A portal has been released known as the Aged Care Provider Portal. This portal will effectively replace both the systems mentioned above.

For additional information, please visit the below link:


Oxygen Supplement

Are you a provider to participants who require additional services and care, due to required respiratory issues? If you are an approved provider, you are able to apply for the Oxygen Supplement. This will assist in the additional costs that are a result of providing further care and supports.

Approved providers can only claim the Oxygen Supplement after you have commenced treatment. It is important that the supply of a participants oxygen is not postponed due to claiming the supplement.

If this is something that interests you, please see more information on:

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